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All along, creative materialism has always been the goal of our life and development. With the increase of the goal, now the total amount of independent intellectual property rights created is further increased, and the core competitiveness is constantly improved. In addition, in many cases, the emergence of some black-and-white iron processing pipe also brings the development foundation for our life, and the black-and-white iron processing pipe has different packaging and protective layers of protective materials. The antiseptic or other coating and packing applied by steel factory before leaving factory is an important measure to prevent material from rusting, especially when transporting, loading and unloading, it should be well protected from damage, which is a way to prolong the service life of pipes.


目前说来,时代的成长来说,镀锌ag真人加工管材电解液可分为碱性和弱酸性两大类,外常用的有无氰锌酸盐镀锌ag真人加工管材。在实际的生活傍边,每一种ag真人加工管材的使用都拥有本身的价值,并且,对于一些氰化镀锌ag真人加工管材,铵盐镀锌ag真人加工管材,氯化物镀锌ag真人加工管材,硫酸盐镀锌ag真人加工管材等。时代的进步促使了我们很多不同的财富的不竭的出产和使用,那么对于ag真人加工管材的多方面出产和应用的角度来说,每一种不同的商品的存在似乎也阐扬了重大的作用,并且,现如今大气层被破坏,环境的污染很恶劣,虽然我国政府在不竭的改善着这种环境,但是并不能确实的改变这种场面地步,因此,我们所选用的给水的管材也必然是使用无 污染的管材。

At present, with the development of the times, the electrolytes for galvanized black-and-white iron pipes can be divided into two categories: alkaline and weak acid. The most commonly used electrolytes are cyanide free zincate galvanized black-and-white iron pipes. In real life, each kind of black-and-white iron processing pipe has its own value, and for some cyanide galvanized black-and-white iron processing pipe, ammonium salt galvanized black-and-white iron processing pipe, chloride galvanized black-and-white iron processing pipe, sulfate galvanized black-and-white iron processing pipe, etc. The progress of the times has promoted the continuous production and use of many different industries. From the perspective of the production and application of black and white iron processing pipes, the existence of each different commodity seems to have played a significant role. Moreover, nowadays, the atmosphere is destroyed and the environmental pollution is very bad. Although our government is constantly improving this environment, But it can not really change this situation, therefore, the water supply pipe we choose must be pollution-free pipe.


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