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As we all know, after long-term use of ventilation pipe, it will inevitably damage the pipe. So what are the methods to repair the damage of the ventilation pipe? Don't worry, the following article will give you a brief introduction.


If the outer surface of the duct is slightly damaged, it can be repaired with a suitable sealing tape. If the inner surface is slightly damaged, it can be repaired with the corresponding repair glue. If the outer surface of aluminum foil is damaged, but the glass fiber insulation layer is not damaged, the qualified aluminum foil can be used to repair the aluminum foil surface of stainless steel pipe.



If the damaged pipe wall has reached the glass fiber insulation layer, the damaged part can be removed and the male and female joints can be opened. Select another complete board. According to the size of the cut glass plate, keep the male connector and female connector. Apply repair glue and adhesive to the surrounding joints and seal them according to the process specification. If the ventilation pipe is seriously damaged and the damaged area is large, which may affect the normal operation of the system, it needs to be replaced and repaired to ensure the normal operation of the system.


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