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Spiral ventilation duct has many advantages, its installation significantly reduces the connection point between pipes, and its application range is also very wide. Today, I would like to introduce the role of spiral ventilation duct in the catering industry, hoping to help you.


Because of the continuous increase of population in our country, the price of houses is increasing. Now, there is no outdoor cooking habit or condition in the 1990s. Therefore, in order to exhaust the lampblack, we have to use spiral ventilation duct. We all know that high temperature will cause the oil fume to decompose, and when passing through the spiral ventilation duct, it will also produce certain corrosivity to the spiral air duct. Therefore, the spiral air duct used in the catering field must have the function of anti-corrosion, plus the correct use and installation method, combined with the needs of our own enterprise.



If the spiral ventilation duct is used in a large restaurant, it should be installed strictly by a special installation master. The quality of the spiral ventilation pipe is very important because it plays a key role in the internal and external air conversion of the restaurant. After the installation master completes the installation, it is necessary to test and check carefully before receiving the goods, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes, Spiral ventilation pipe plays a very important role in the catering industry


In our daily life, we have more chances to contact with all kinds of ventilation ducts. We can see that they are closely connected with our life. Catering industry using spiral ventilation duct, has a lot of advantages, we can use it in combination with our own actual situation.


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