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  As we all know, because black and white iron is more vivid in the air, it is easy to react with oxygen in the air, so the zinc layer is selected to play a maintenance role. Although zinc does not interact with oxygen in the air, what are the operation contents of black and white iron processing.


  The use of hammers, punches, punches and other things should follow the riveter's safety precautions, operation of white iron machinery should follow the operating procedures of each machine. between which:


  Use the biting machine to align the bite of tin before driving. When driving, the workpiece should be held steady, and the fingers should not be placed on the track of the biting machine.



  It is necessary to add protective cover to the gear of roller bed. When using, it should be separated from the gap between the two rollers, and a safety baffle should be added at the feeding position.


  When using plate shears, the upper knife rest shall not be placed with things and other articles. When adjusting the iron sheet, the foot should not be placed on the pedal. Do not put your hand into the open space of pressing plate during shearing.


  Wear gloves when welding, no top welding. Water is not allowed during tin plating to prevent splashing. The soldering iron and hydrochloric acid used should be stored safely.


  When wrapping black and white iron in insulating layer, fasten sleeves, hem, cuff, mask, dust cap and safety glasses.


  When operating the drill bit and semi-automatic screw driver, it should be perpendicular to the iron without excessive force. Use a spot welder to check for leaks and leaks. Black and white iron processing personnel wear protective gloves, shoe covers, sunglasses and other protective equipment during operation. Dispose of coolant after use in winter.


  When lifting air ducts and materials, the rigging should be kidnapped and stabilized. The puller should wear safety helmet when lifting with string pulley.


  Black and white iron processing personnel should not stand on the unfixed pipeline and overhead iron plate. The discarded corner should be cleaned in time to prevent stabbing limbs.


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