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  In the case of high noise control requirements, low noise ventilation pipe equipment should be selected. In the case of the same air volume and air pressure, the centrifugal ventilation equipment with different types of ventilation pipe equipment has less noise, and the forward version of the centrifugal ventilation equipment with blades has more noise. Reduce the speed of ventilation equipment properly. The rotating noise of the ventilation equipment is directly proportional to the 10th power of the peripheral speed of the impeller, and the eddy noise is directly proportional to the 6th power (or 5th power) of the peripheral speed of the impeller. Therefore, reducing the speed can reduce the noise.
  When designing the ventilation system, the pressure loss of the system should be minimized. When the total volume and pressure loss of ventilation system is large, it can be divided into small systems. The air velocity in the pipeline should not be too high to avoid regeneration noise. The flow rate in the pipeline shall be determined according to different requirements and relevant regulations.
  Ventilation pipe is a kind of municipal infrastructure which can make the air circulate and reduce the concentration of harmful gases. It is also the main cooling mode in the factory. What details should be paid attention to when using ventilation pipe to cool down?


  First, take a deep breath and calm down. Due to the influence of heat sources such as buildings, mechanical equipment, human body, etc., the air temperature in the place requiring ventilation is higher than that outside. The negative pressure fan can quickly discharge the indoor hot air, so that the indoor temperature is consistent with the outdoor temperature, and the workshop temperature will not rise.
  Second, the flow of air takes away heat from the body. The flow of air accelerates the evaporation of sweat, absorbs the heat of the body, and makes the body feel cool, just like the natural wind.
  Third, the negative pressure fan only has the function of ventilation and cooling, and has no cooling function. Cooling is the feeling of human body. It is ignorant to say how much temperature a negative pressure fan can reduce.
  Fourth, the whole ventilation project needs to cooperate with the use of water curtain. In summer, the maximum workshop temperature can be controlled within 28 ℃. But the human body's cool feeling can be compared with that of air conditioning, and people with water curtain will feel a little longer cold and can't stand it.
  The above is a detailed introduction of noise control measures for Jinan black and white iron processing. For more information, please click


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