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  The ventilation pipe in Shandong is essential in the construction. The fabrication and installation of the pipeline shall follow certain specifications to ensure the normal use of the pipeline after completion and reduce the possibility of failure. What specifications should be followed during manufacturing and installation?

  1. 风管的制造和安装应按照设计图纸、合同和有关技术尺度进行。任何变换均应随附设计变换或合同变换通知或技术批准。

  1. The manufacturing and installation of air duct shall be in accordance with the design drawings, contract and relevant technical standards. Any change shall be accompanied by design change or contract change notice or technical approval.

  2. 风道系统施工前,施工单位应与施工单位、监理单位、总承包单位、设计单位协调。查抄气管等管道的位置标的目的,查抄预留孔的安装等。施工应与土木工程和其他工作相协调。

  2. Before the construction of air duct system, the construction unit shall coordinate with the construction unit, supervision unit, general contractor and design unit. Check the position and direction of gas pipes and other pipes, and check the installation of reserved holes. Construction shall be coordinated with civil engineering and other professional work.



  3. The main finished materials such as plates, profiles, etc. used for the manufacturing and installation of air ducts shall conform to the current national design and relevant product standards, and shall have the factory inspection certificate. The materials shall be accepted according to the current national standards.

  4. 完成的通风管道应具有相应的资质证书,包罗主要材料的材质证书、风道强度及密性试验陈述(非金属风道还应提供防火、卫生试验合格陈述)。

  4. The completed ventilation pipe shall have corresponding qualification certificate, including material certificate of main materials, air duct strength and tightness test report (non-metallic air duct shall also provide fire and sanitation test qualification report).

  5. 风道出产应优先采用节能、机械化加工工艺。

  5. Energy saving and mechanized processing technology shall be preferred for air duct production.

  6. 出产、安装风管所使用的计量器具、试验器具应当在合格状况和有效查验期内。

  6. The measuring instruments and test instruments used in the production and installation of air ducts shall be in the qualified state and valid inspection period.

  7. 隐蔽工程的管道,在隐蔽前,必需经主管人员查抄同意。

  7. The pipes of concealed works must be inspected and approved by the person in charge before being concealed.


  They have their own requirements in the manufacture and installation of ventilation ducts. This will make the whole pipe more durable.


  The above is a detailed introduction to the details that can not be ignored for the ventilation pipes in Shandong. For more information, please click


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