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  With the continuous growth of use time, a large number of impurities will accumulate in the ventilation pipe. These impurities will stay in the pipeline for a long time and accelerate the oil condensation during operation. Too high temperature conversion will damage the pneumatic valve and hydraulic components, and have a great impact on normal operation. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the ventilation pipe equipment regularly.


  (1) When the air duct is connected with the fan, soft joints shall be installed at the inlet and outlet. The section size of the soft joint shall be the same as that of the fan inlet and outlet. Hose connections can be made of canvas, artificial leather, and other materials. The hose length shall not be less than 200 and shall be properly tightened. The hose dampens the vibration of the fan.


  (2) After the air duct is connected with the dedusting equipment and heating equipment, the prefabricated installation shall be stopped after the equipment is installed according to the theoretical mapping.


  (4) When transporting condensate or high moisture content gas, the horizontal pipeline shall be set at the slope and connected with the lower drainage pipe. There shall be no longitudinal joint at the bottom of air duct during installation, and the bottom joint shall be hung and sealed.


  (5) For the steel plate air duct conveying inflammable and explosive gas, install jumpers at the connecting flange of the air duct and connect with the electrostatic grounding grid.


  (6) When the height of horizontal air duct is more than 4m, the installation personnel shall fasten the safety belt. The gangway on the scaffold or movable support shall be fixed, and the width of gangway shall conform to the safety specifications. The equipment personnel on the scaffold shall carry the bag with them to avoid personal injury caused by falling objects or electric drills. Ventilation pipe is mainly used in industry and construction engineering, and its design field is wide. The working environment for oil absorption, smoking and dust removal now requires the use of ventilation pipes. Use natural air instead of indoor air to improve indoor air quality.



  Use of ventilation ducts:

  1. 净化空调系统风道:镀锌板、不锈钢;(严禁使用受尘源污染的FRP及复合材料)

  1. Air duct of purification air conditioning system: galvanized sheet and stainless steel; (FRP and composite materials polluted by dust source are strictly prohibited)

  2. 空调系统风道:镀锌板、彩钢保温板;(可使用玻璃纤维及复合材料)

  2. Air duct of air conditioning system: galvanized board, color steel insulation board; (fiberglass and composite materials can be used)


  3. Air duct of environmental control system: galvanized sheet, stainless steel; (plastic, glass fiber, composite material, etc.)

  4. 工业通风系统风道:钢板、镀锌板;(荔波通风管。塑料、玻璃纤维、复合材料等)

  4. Air duct of industrial ventilation system: steel plate, galvanized plate; (Libo ventilation pipe. Plastic, glass fiber, composite materials, etc.)

  5. 不凡场所风道:矿山用涂胶风道,矿山用塑料风道;要求具有阻燃、防静电的矿井安全特性

  5. Air duct for special occasions: rubber coated air duct for mine and plastic air duct for mine; it is required to have fire-retardant and anti-static mine safety characteristics


  The above is a detailed introduction to the tips of Jinan ventilation pipeline cleaning. To learn more, please click 性)


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