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  Ventilation pipe processing plant plays an important role in today's load-bearing body. Therefore, more and more attention has been paid to the anti-corrosion and heat preservation treatment of pipes!


  When the general gas is transported by the ventilation pipe, the black steel pipe shall be derusted, brushed with antirust paint, and the dust gas shall be sprayed with anti-wear protective layer. When the ambient air humidity is high, the outer wall of air duct shall be treated with anti-corrosion and anti rust treatment. The wall of galvanized steel air duct conveying high temperature and humidity gas shall be sprayed with phosphating primer or other corrosion-resistant coating. When conveying high temperature gas or low temperature air in the air duct, the outer wall of the air duct shall be insulated (cooled).



  The purpose of heat preservation of air duct conveying high temperature gas is to avoid the heat loss of air in the pipeline (this will happen in the air conditioning system in winter). The other is to prevent the heat from entering the room and increasing the indoor temperature when transporting the waste hot steam or high temperature gas, and to avoid the heat caused by people contacting the air duct.


  In summer, when the temperature of the delivered air is lower than the dew point temperature of the surrounding air, the outer wall of the pipeline will become dewy. The air duct of the collective air-conditioning system will increase the loss of cooling capacity, and the condensation water drops together will pollute the ceiling and the wall floor, so it is necessary to carry out cold insulation treatment.


  The above is the detailed introduction of Jinan black and white iron processing factory to the factors that attach importance to anti-corrosion and heat preservation. For more information, please click


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