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  When designing a ventilation system, the pressure loss of the system should be minimized. When the total capacity and pressure loss of ventilation system is large, it can be divided into small systems. The air velocity should not be too high in the pipeline to avoid regeneration noise. The flow rate in the pipeline shall be determined according to different requirements and relevant regulations.

  已经进入我国经济的高速成长,人们的生活质量的要求也进一步提高,随着建筑行业的快速成长也越来越多的高层建筑和建筑内部布局变得越来越复杂,面积也越来越大,在这种情况下,很多建筑都使用内部环境的通风系统有效地在风中,增加空气的新鲜,庇护工作人员的健康,通风管道在建筑上的使用更表现建筑本身更人性化,也使通风管道在行业中得到更大的成长空间。通风管With the rapid development of China's economy, people's requirements for quality of life have been further improved. With the rapid development of the construction industry, more and more high-rise buildings and internal structures of buildings have become more and more complex, and the area has become larger and larger. In this case, many buildings use the ventilation system of internal environment to effectively increase the fresh air in the wind and protect the health of workers Kang, the use of ventilation duct in the building reflects the building itself more humanized, and also makes the ventilation duct get more development space in the industry. Vent pipe通风管道是通风空调系统的主要组成部门,大部门由风道加工设备(如风道出产线)制造。然而,由于种种原因,可能会导致风管加工设备加工出的风管问题。

  Ventilation duct is an important part of ventilation and air conditioning system, most of which are manufactured by air duct processing equipment (such as air duct production line). However, due to various reasons, it may lead to the problem of air duct processed by air duct processing equipment.


  1. 加工材料不合格

  1. Processing materials are unqualified


  (1) Performance: the board surface is not smooth, the thickness is not uniform, there are obvious indentation, crack, sand mark, scar and corrosion; the air duct plane sinks, the side is protruding, and the deformation is obvious.


  (2) Impact: air leakage in the air duct increases the air conditioning load and affects the service life and performance of the air.


  (3) Cause: the material is unqualified and cannot meet the demand of air duct production.


  (4) Measures: before using the air duct processing equipment to make the air duct, the factory certificate, material certificate and appearance thickness of the materials shall be checked first to ensure that the materials are available.


The above is a detailed introduction of how to reduce the noise of Jinan ventilation pipe. For more information, please click


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