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  With the rapid development of the market, the demand for air ducts is increasing. In all walks of life, it has become an indispensable part of people's life. The layout of ventilation duct system is flat and beautiful, simple and compact, easy to install, operate and maintain. What are the general steps of the ventilation pipe installation system layout? What should I pay attention to? Let's listen to the explanation of the ventilation pipe processing technicians.


  The system layout of ventilation pipe treatment shall follow the following points:


  Layout of system network


  In order to facilitate the management and operation of the pipe network, the pipe network system should not be too large. When there are more than one branch pipes in the same system, the branch pipes shall be controlled in different levels. The suction points of the same system shall not be too many, and the pressure balance of each branch pipe shall be paid attention to. The common pipe network layout forms are main pipe layout, single pipe layout and ring pipe layout.


  How to arrange the installation of ventilation pipe二是布局原则

  Second, layout principle

  1. 通风管道敷设系统原理

  1. Principle of ventilation pipe laying system管道铺设清楚、深色,一般采用平直。因为安装简单,易于维护,当使用纯安装可以不考虑暗中的安装,管道尽可能为一行,尽可能沿墙或列平行铺设,假如管径或绝缘应安排在墙上。两根管道平行敷设时,间距一般不小于100 ~ 200mm。

  The pipeline laying shall be clear and dark, and generally straight. Because the installation is simple and easy to maintain, when using the pure installation, the dark installation may not be considered. The pipeline shall be laid in one line as far as possible and parallel along the wall or column as far as possible. If the pipe diameter or insulation is arranged on the wall. When two pipes are laid in parallel, the spacing is generally not less than 100 ~ 200mm.

  2. 通风管道处理系统的连接原理

  2. Connection principle of ventilation pipe processing system以焊接为主要连接方式的管道应设置足够数量的法兰连接,螺纹连接管道应设置足够的活动接头,便于安装、拆卸和检修。

  The pipes with welding as the main connection mode shall be provided with enough flange connections, and the threaded pipes shall be provided with enough movable joints to facilitate installation, disassembly and maintenance.


  3. Support principle of ventilation pipe processing system: the pipe cannot be directly supported on the equipment by valve, and the support or hanger shall be set separately. The welding seam of the pipeline shall be in the place where the construction is convenient or the stress is small. The welding seam shall not be in the bracket and the distance shall not be less than 200mm.

  4. 不同含尘气体具有不同的性质,因此净化的分段处理应有所不同。

  4. Different dust-containing gases have different properties, so the treatment of purification in sections should be different.



  When the number of pollution sources is large, they can be concentrated in one purification system or divided into multiple purification systems. However, when the pollutants are mixed with the gas, it may cause combustion, explosion hazard, different temperature and humidity, condensation, dust or gas properties mixed in the pipeline, which may affect the recovery or purification efficiency.


  5. The layout of the ventilation pipeline treatment system shall ensure that the leakage of the whole system is very small and that the suction port has enough air volume.


  6、 The layout of the ventilation pipe treatment system can reduce the resistance.


  In the installation process of ventilation pipe, if the installation is not good, there will be noise, air leakage, unreasonable pipeline layout and other waste problems, such as three products, seven installation, installation is more important than the product itself, we suggest you choose a professional installation team.


The above is a detailed introduction of the layout of the ventilation pipes of Shandong Province. For more information, please click


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