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  Jinan black and white iron processing manufacturer see black and white iron anti-corrosion treatment, what better anti-corrosion performance start from, how in the future production and processing process, you can not only process the quality of good white cast iron, we can also guarantee our own health.


  Black and white iron processing manufacturers think that black and white iron processing is anticorrosive


  First of all, our zinc content on the galvanized surface is not good or other unexpected work occurs, so during this period of time, you will find that white iron treatment is very different in our daily life, which is the importance of zinc treatment in the process.


  Black and white iron plate processing is mainly reflected in the use of some ventilation pipes in today's society. As iron is easy to rust, it becomes the white iron we see every day after galvanizing the surface of iron.



  Secondly, in the process of processing, because it is a batch of mass production, but the texture of galvanizing is very thin compared with other materials, so at this time, we must from the material in the production and processing workshop, while in the production and processing process due to the rapid discharge degree of their own injury, which is a very serious problem.


  When we work, we must pay attention to this problem. Once we neglect the existence of this problem, you may be hurt.


  The above is our black-and-white iron processing manufacturers see that black-and-white iron processing anti-corrosion related issues. First, we need to pay attention to the white iron galvanizing. In the process of processing white cast iron, we need to pay attention to the white iron galvanizing.


  The above is a detailed introduction of corrosion resistance. For more information, please click


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