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  Ventilation duct is an indispensable equipment in life, so let's understand what layout principles must be followed for ventilation duct today?


  The system layout of Jinan ventilation pipeline treatment shall comply with the following points:


  I. system network layout method


  In order to facilitate the management and operation of the pipe network, the pipe network system should not be too large. When there are multiple branches in the same system, the branches should be operated in different levels, and the suction points of the same system should not be too many. Pay attention to the pressure balance of each branch pipe. There are three types of pipe network layout: main pipe, single pipe and ring pipe.



  How to arrange ventilation duct


  Two. Layout principle


  1。 Standard for laying of ventilation pipe installation system


  The pipeline shall be installed in an open and concealed way, and generally in an open way. Because the open installation is easy to maintain, when the open installation cannot be selected, the concealed installation mode shall be considered. Pipes shall be arranged in rows as far as possible and laid parallel to walls or columns as far as possible. If the pipe diameter is large or the thermal insulation is arranged beside the wall. Generally, when two pipelines are arranged in parallel, the spacing shall not be less than 100-200mm.


  2. Standard for connection of ventilation duct processing system


  For pipes with welding as the main connection mode, several flange joints shall be set, and for pipes with thread as the main connection mode, movable joints shall be set to facilitate installation, disassembly and maintenance.


  3。 The support standard of the ventilation pipe processing system shall not be directly supported on the equipment with valve, and the support and hanger shall be set separately. The welding position of the pipeline shall be at the place where the construction is convenient or the stress is small. The welding seam shall not be located at the support and the spacing shall not be less than 200mm.


  4。 If the properties of different dust containing gases are different, the purification treatment by stages should be different.


  When there are many pollution sources, they can be concentrated in one purification system or divided into several systems. However, the mixture of pollutants will cause combustion, explosion hazard and gases with different temperature and humidity. After mixing, the condensation, dust or gas properties in the pipeline will be different, which will affect the recovery or purification efficiency.


  5。 In the layout of the ventilation pipe processing system, it is necessary to ensure that the air leakage of each system is small and the air volume of the dust collector is sufficient.


  6。 The arrangement of the duct handling system shall reduce resistance.


  The above is an introduction to the layout principles that ventilation pipes must follow. For more information, please visit


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