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  Why the hotel will be more strict on the ventilation pipe! What are the requirements of the hotel? Shandong ventilation pipeline is also constantly innovation, hope to better meet customer needs! Today, you will be led by Jinan SHUNFA ventilation pipeline engineering Co., Ltd. to understand why the requirements of the hotel on the ventilation pipeline are more stringent?


  The hotel is a public occasion for luxury decoration. It needs flashing decoration materials to do decoration. However, the high-grade materials guess that there are hidden dangers in this large amount of purified gas. If it can't blow through the wind, it will crowd out the peculiar smell of the hotel. The hotel is luxurious, but it can only be outside, and the customers can only stop looking at it.



  Hotel ventilation is indirectly related to hotel profits, many hotel managers have a headache. After finishing the decoration, many hotels immediately began to operate, and they closed their houses for a long time, without letting the room breathe regularly. After the frequent praises of customers, some hotels use some adsorbents, sprays and other drugs to control the outside. After a long time, it's the smell of the house. There are many ways to ventilate in traditional hotels. In addition to the adsorbents and sprays mentioned below, there are also regular windows for ventilation, air conditioning, and cultivation of green plants, which have little influence on the hotel's indoor atmosphere, no cure for the symptoms and no cure for the root, but the need to satisfy customers.


  The best way to truly complete the ventilation of the hotel is to install the fresh air system of the hotel, and then install the pipeline on the system, so that the pipeline is deep in each room, and apply the ventilation principle of the system's machine to lead out the new outdoor atmosphere, and at the same time, push out the purified indoor atmosphere of each room of the hotel.


  The above is by Jinan SHUNFA ventilation pipeline engineering company why the hotel's requirements on ventilation pipeline will be more stringent! To learn more about this product, please click


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