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  With the development of industry, Jinan black-and-white iron processing is also constantly carried out, so do we have any understanding of its cleaning methods? Today, Jinan SHUNFA ventilation pipe engineering company will take us to understand it!


  Black and white iron processing products are often seen in life, so a good cleaning method is specifically on the table, because its many characteristics are better than the traditional table, because black and white iron processing table special raw materials, so it must be paid enough attention to its cleaning, the cleaning method of black and white iron processing table is to use wet cloth to complete, if there are spots Soapy water and its neutral cleaner can be used for cleaning. Do not use detergent products with strong chemical property. When encountering dust that is not easy to remove, soapy water can be used. If it is a foggy surface, decontamination powder can be used to wipe it gently in a circular way. The same method can be used for the processing of black and white iron burned by cigarettes.



  Pay attention not to let the black-and-white iron processing table surface contact with the chemicals that are slightly sparse, such as dye stripper, acetone, etc., directly contact the black-and-white iron processing table surface, or put the hot pot directly on the table surface, these actions will damage the surface of the table surface, so the thermal insulation pad should be placed on the table surface to prevent this kind of situation. Although the black-and-white iron processing table is easy to repair, there are still some matters that should be paid attention to in operation, such as cutting things should be prepared when cutting the chopping board, not directly cutting food on the table. Finally, we should prevent all kinds of damages, so that the kitchen utensils will always be in a new condition. Fully clean the black-and-white iron processing table, and adopt the correct methods to make the black-and-white iron processing table permanent clean as new, which can effectively extend the service life of the black-and-white iron processing table. The cleaning methods of black and white iron processing products are expected to help people.


  The above is by Jinan SHUNFA ventilation pipeline engineering company to Jinan black and white iron processing products cleaning way! Hope to help you! To learn more, please click


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